Thursday, November 22, 2007

Simply Thanks

Thanksgving 2007

What to be thankful for on the sports landscape?

As a fan of Navy, I'm thankful to the administration who gives me the chance to work with some incredible student-athletes. Some have litterally given their lives eventually in service to our country. We have an AD who works to get his coaches the things they need to win. The NAAA works hard to keep our banner program funded from coaches to equipment and beyond. Not to mention, do many mid-majors have a facility like Alumni Hall for hoops? Thanks to the Navy basketball coaches the years who have helped my sons become high school basketball players. You really didnt think it was all me did you?

Thanks to 86, Deli-Meat, Phat and the rest of the folks who make it fun to talk Navy Sports on Perhaps one day 86's kid and my kid can play in an NCAA Lax Title game at M&T.

Can you believe the Wizards have won six straight? Thanks to Eddie Jordan and Ernie Grundfeld for an awesome job in the Nations Capital. Just think a rested Gil for the playoffs?

Im trying to think of something to thank Joe Gibbs for as coach of my Redskins. Oh well. Hey, Joe Gibbs Racing did sign Kyle Busch to drive the #18 next year...Thanks Joe.

Thanks to Joe Gross for his many years of service to our community paper, THE CAPITAL. Like with all columnists, you may not always agree, but Joe has become a name that all you say is Joe Gross and people know your talking about THE CAPITAL.

Thanks to Bill Wagner for his outstanding coverage of Navy. Bill turns out a lot of work about the Mids despite the fact he is also the Sailing reporter, and contributor to high school sports in THE CAPITAL as well.

Thanks to Joe Miller for being not only a great broadcast partner but a great friend and fellow graduate of Southern High.

Thanks to Scott Zolak and the rest of the CSTV crew for a great season of Navy Football coverage.

Thanks to Steve Hopp, Bill Lusby and the staff at WNAV for its continued support of Navy and local sports.

Thanks to my friends like Slim, Scott, Andrew, git-r-dun, Dan Duncan, CD Nutz and Too Shady, and The Announcer-Composer who still make working in the harness racing industry a lot of fun. Thanks to all the folks on who make it entertaining as well. Can't go a day with out my Horseplop!!!!

Thanks to all the coaches at the youth and high school level who are dedicated to helping our youths have constructive things to do instead of hanging out on the streets, the malls etc......

And finally, If you can read this.....thank a teacher........

Happy Thanksgiving.....

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