Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Aftermath

Talking to Navy's football players after practice yesterday, it was awesome to hear some of the things I heard. Players not giving coach-speak, being honest about still trying to get the magnitude of the win for the program against Notre Dame behind them and moving on to the MEAN GREEN of North Texas, who by the way have the same amount of wins as Notre Dame.

Coaches getting in the grills of players not focused. Players trying to get each other to focus.

This is why Navy's program has been as good as it is under Paul Johnson. His players know where they stand how they have to play. They don't associate winning games with making themselves superstars. The win for the program and then themselves. Its still awesome to watch the highlights.....but hey, Navy is still not bowl eligible.........yet.....

Can I get frequent driving miles? Longwood Friday, Mt. St. Mary's saturday.....


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