Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Musings

The Redskins played the Cowboys a lot closer than I thought....question? Will Joe Gibbs try and throw that much next week against Tampa Bay?

I love watching early season basketball. What a huge win for Scott Drew and Baylor against Notre Dame. Cleaning up after the Dave Bliss mess hasnt been easy but that is a nice win as was Winthrop over Georgia Tech.

Tonight Maryland-UCLA......

I love womens hoops. But the same ole problem exists. Last night, #7 (Rutgers) played at #12 (George Washington) and won by 25!!!!!!!!! I know its early, but give me Tennessee and Maryland in the Womens final, even if Brenda Frese is out on Maternity leave.

Tip, plan the pregnancy for June like I did....No conflicts....:)

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