Friday, November 2, 2007

No better time then Saturday...

We know Navy has struggled on defense. Its not for lack of effort. I watched as the coaches, with lunches in hand, headed in for more closed door film sessions. It could be continued simplification, better tackling, or guys just lucking out and being in the right place when a ball is tipped.

Arguably, only Temple may be worse on offense than the team Navy will play on Saturday. However, Notre Dame is big enough, to try and run the ball 40 times if it wants and try to physically overpower Navy.

For years, people laughed when Navy Coach Paul Johnson said week after week, "We have little margain for error,''. This year he is proving to be a prophet.

We know Notre Dame has won 43 straight. We know ND is bigger. We know, well, Notre Dame is Notre Dame.

I think Paul Johnson has a chance though against a younger, inexperienced Notre Dame defense to do some things and if Navy can posess the ball and score Touchdowns, they can win this game. Even if the defense can hold ND to some field goals!!!!!Just Field Goals on some drives. (Again I promise you the coaches are working their Arssses off)

Navy has its best offensive team since 1963 heading into this game. The nations number-one ground game against the bigger, powerful object. Navy cannot turn the ball over. Period.

"We can't hurt ourselves at all. This is a great opportunity if we can play the way we are capable of,'' running back Adam Ballard said.

How about special teamer and former hoopster Corey Johnson. Last week Johnson made multiple stops on special teams and now goes back to his native Indiana to play against the Irish.

"Every kid in Indiana dreams about playing for Notre Dame growing up. I'm so thankful that Coach Johnson gave me a chance to try out for one, and now to be contributing and going to Notre Dame to play is awesome,'' Johnson said.

Finally some fact and opinion.

Fact:Notre Dame has won 43 in a row.
Opinion: I say only 42 of 43, Navy didn't lose in 99, Perry Hudspeth won it for Notre Dame.

Fact: Kaipo has more touchdowns than Notre Dame's golden QB's.
Opinion: Kaipo plays the whole game Saturday and hits Barnes and Reggie for at least one each.

Fact: Charlie Weis gets paid a lot of green to coach the green and gold.
Opinion: Paul Johnson is the best coaching value in all of college football.

This week's Comcast Game of the week is Mt. St. Joseph at Gilman. CN8 Saturdya night at 7.

Navy tailgate show begins at 12:30 Saturday at

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Mike said...

No better time indeed, Pete. Way to keep the faith.