Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Looking Ahead, Looking Back

Its the first day of the new year. Time for a little fact and opinion for 2008...

Fact: Paul Johnson guided Navy to uncharted waters in terms of success. Five CIC's, bowl games, and a win over Notre Dame.

Opinion: He will win his division in the ACC within two seasons....

Fact: West Virginia has lost two major coaches to Michigan in the past two years.

Opinion: If Rich Rodriquez, who I like, can't beat PITT at home with a BCS Berth on the line, how does he expect to beat Governor Tressell and OSU/

Fact: Steve Kragthorpe is still employed at Louisville.

Opinion: His defense was terrible, and the addition of former Duke Coach and Ga. Tech Defensive Coordinator Ted Roof will help save my man at Louisville.

Fact: Hawaii heads into the Sugar Bowl unbeaten.

Opinion: Georgia will win by 12 points or more.

Fact: LSU plays Ohio State for the National Title....

Opinion: Id rather see USC and Oklahoma at full strength...

Fact: Washington State is ranked #4 in the country in Mens hoops....

Opinion: How many people know Tony Bennett is the coach? He has done a remarkable job and still can't get out of the shadow of GONZAGA.....

Fact: New Jersey Institute of Technology is a D-I hoops program.

Opinion: I did a NJIT game when they were D-III....Schools like them, Longwood, and South Carolina Upstate will never be in an NCAA Tournament before 2020...Florida Gulf Coast, yet another D-I import, is actually playing a reputable level of hoops....Did you know Presbyterian was D-I too?

Fact: Brian Billick was fired as Head Coach of the Baltimore Ravens.

Opinion: It was time. As much as I actually like Billick, his message was no longer resonating with his players. Brian look into Atlanta....can't be any worse than Bobby Petrino and Billick will be classy enough to hang around for a whole season. Ask yourself this, does Ozzie Newsome deserve some of the blame here as well? Lots of old, injury prone players have been aquired over the past couple of seasons....

Fact: The Mitchell report is in...

Opinion: I dont care...

Fact: The Washington Redskins have qualified for the NFC Playoffs..

Opinion: This is amazing. At times they have looked like a circus act on the field. Now, focus appears to be top-notch. How do you explain Todd Collins? Its nuts to think Collins can carry the Redskins to playoff glory...isnt it?

Fact: Navy was picked sixth in the mens pre-season basketball poll in the Patriot League.

Opinion: They will finish fourth or better. League looks very balanced though Holy Cross has been a surprise in the early season and so has Lafayette...

Fact: My wife is 15 weeks pregnant.

Opinion: I am now a professional janitor......

Friday, December 7, 2007

No one like maze and blue?

Perhaps Bill Martin shouldn't have been flying, boating or whatever the hell he was doing when the Les Miles camp was alledgedly trying to contact him.

Now that Miles has stayed and been extended at LSU, Rutgers Greg Schiano said, Ill keep chopping in Piscataway. I love the loyalty.

Can you believe that no one wants the jobs at Michigan and Arkansas? A coach from Boise State told UCLA, NO!

What the hell is going on out here?

Im staggered that those jobs have been turned down by these people with little or no fanfare. Their AD's wave a jet and cash and these guys who coach at seemingly less programs in terms of national stature say no we like it here in the weeds of college football.

Michigan called Ball State coach Brady Hoke. Brady Hoke! Hoke did a solid job for the Cardinals. Memo to Bill Martin......call Jeff Bower. Unassuming guy like that guy Ohio State hired who has done ok......

Could someone please get K.C. Keeler's number for these guys? How about Bud Foster the fine defensive coordinator at Va. Tech.?

It appears has if some good assitant coaches could finally get a shot since so many head coaches are turning down what could be lucritive jobs. What will Duke, SMU and Georgia Tech do if Paul Johnson says no?

Jerry Glanville anyone? Jack Pardee at Houston? Maybe someone like Earnet Byner, the Redskins running backs coach could get a shot. Jeff Jagodzinski did ok at BC this year didnt he?

If NFL teams wont hire Rex Ryan, why not Arkansas or SMU? Hey lets resurect the old Southwest Conference...SMU, TCU, Houston, UTEP, Arkansas State, yee-hah.

Fans of Michigan, Arkansas, and UCLA have to be in disbelief that people arent knocking their doors down to be coach. Loyalty. Jim Grobe, I love it....Spurns Arkansas to stay at WAKE FOREST! Great for him. Sometimes you dont always have to have the biggest name, just the best coach.

Michgan should call Brian Kelly and hire him today.

Arkansas, Tommy Bowden said no. Why not Skip Holtz? His Dad did ok there.

UCLA.....hmmm...Bronco Mendenhall....make the call....

Congrats to my friends Slim and the Malone's and their horse Full Boat...winner at $55....

Joe Miller and I will have the Maryland 4A Final tonight on Comcast CN8 at 7pm....Live from M&T Bank Stadium......

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Geez all this over a coach from NAVY!

Who would have ever thunk it. A coach from Navy is the hottest property being sought from Texas to Georgia to North Carolina, and oh yeah, they would like to keep him in Maryland.

Rumors are circulating by the minute. Coach Johnson has met with Ga. Tech, SMU, Duke wants him and boy could they use him.

Someone even posted of critical staff meeting on Thursday for the Navy coaches. Just thought I'd mention my SOOOOOuuuuuuuurrrrrceeeeeees tell me there is no meeting and all coaches are on the road. I know I have a tape to give one of them and he isnt there and wont be! If there were a meeting he would be!

I love the internet age. Its full of fun, freedom and false information.

Kudos to colleagues Dave Ausiello and Bill Wagner who have done a good job keeping up with this story. Just thought I would chime in after seeing some incredulous information being bandied about.

My ballot. No I dont have one but if I did...
1. Tim Tebow
2. Darrin McFadden
3. Chase Daniel

College Hoops
I was in heaven Sunday at the BB&T. 12 rows from the floor and watching three games. Some observations. Scheduled on the same day as a Redskins home game, I was upset about the crowd. Three decent games and I thought more folks should have been there.

George Mason is decent. Point guard play was there down fall on Sunday. Too many turnovers.

Greg Sprink of Navy is a more consistent outside threat than anyone on Marylands roster.

GW-See post about George Mason.

Rutgers women had a huge win on Tuesday, beating Maryland by eight. Id say they have recovered from the IMUS mess......

Monday, November 26, 2007


How many ways can the Redskins rip my heart out?

Memo to Jason Campbell....You cannot throw an interception on your final possession. There is not get em next time with 0:00 on the clock......

Joe Gibbs, did someone kidnap him yesterday? You knew he was going FG on 4-1 at the TB three-yard line........

The ugly part is the Redskins are still in it..8-8 could be good enough in NFC....

College FB
Sweet action on Saturday from Maryland. The Terps most complete effort of the season in swamping N.C. State, 37-0.

Who needs Josh Portis anyway? What will Fridge do next year? This guy was third string....Portis must be really good........

What an effort by the Tigers on Saturday night. I like Gary Pinkel. He did a great jon at Toledo and now he is #1 in the country. Looking forward to a Missouri-WVU....Oh wait....there is one more week for this to change.....Could get Ohio State vs. Georgia, Kansas, LSU, Oklahoma, USC, and maybe Va. Tech..........

How will George Bush and the foreign legion effect navy's preparation against Army?

Bo Pellini and Turner Gill have permission from current employers to talk to Nebraska.

College Hoops
I know, I know........Yes I was watching Maryland-UCLA yesterday......womens hoops.....Terps were down 71-58 with five minutes left......they closed out on a 21-4 run to win.......They are real good this year and they did it without their coach who was at home 25 weeks pregnant.

Kansas-Arizona Men was a great game last night. Jayhawks by four in OT and George Mason beat South Carolina to finish 3rd at Disney World.....

Friday, November 23, 2007

George Mason Does It Again

Disney World was not kind to Kansas State last night, as George Mason beat the Wildcats 87-77.

Mason is off to a 4-0 start and this senior laden team as that look again of being able to make a run later in the season and clearly now is the team to beat in a tough CAA.

Bob Knight and Texas Tech avoided the upset bug in Alaska , beating Alaska-Anchorage.

Questions to Ponder on Black Friday and yes I did wear all black today....Not on purpose.

Will Joe Gibbs go back to being conservative Joe after opening up against the Cowboys last week?

Is Maryland's backcourt slumping or just overrated? Today they get Lehigh.

Arent you rooting for a Brett Favre victory over the Patriots in the Super Bowl? Yes I know that means my Redskins wont make it..

Will the over-under on the Navy-Utah Pointsettia Bowl be 85? Bet it is one of the most entertaining bowl games of the season.

Don't you think LSU-USC would be the best bowl game? Did you see USC last night, I think a game of Trojans and Tigers would be awesome.

Isn't it time Virginia Tech Defensive Coordinator Bud Foster got a head coaching job? Steve Orsini at SMU are you listening?

Didn't Caps GM George McPhee wait too long to get rid of Glen Hanlon as coach?

Shouldn't Tim Tebow win the Heisman Trophy?

Isnt Caron Butler a really good player? Perhaps one the top-five steals in NBA Trade History.

How good is Tim Tetrick? He's about to break a nine-year old record for victories in a season by a harness racing driver.

Will the Maryland 4A winner be the winner of tonights Sherwood-Quince Orchard game?

Happy shopping.......

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Simply Thanks

Thanksgving 2007

What to be thankful for on the sports landscape?

As a fan of Navy, I'm thankful to the administration who gives me the chance to work with some incredible student-athletes. Some have litterally given their lives eventually in service to our country. We have an AD who works to get his coaches the things they need to win. The NAAA works hard to keep our banner program funded from coaches to equipment and beyond. Not to mention, do many mid-majors have a facility like Alumni Hall for hoops? Thanks to the Navy basketball coaches the years who have helped my sons become high school basketball players. You really didnt think it was all me did you?

Thanks to 86, Deli-Meat, Phat and the rest of the folks who make it fun to talk Navy Sports on Gomidshipmen.com. Perhaps one day 86's kid and my kid can play in an NCAA Lax Title game at M&T.

Can you believe the Wizards have won six straight? Thanks to Eddie Jordan and Ernie Grundfeld for an awesome job in the Nations Capital. Just think a rested Gil for the playoffs?

Im trying to think of something to thank Joe Gibbs for as coach of my Redskins. Oh well. Hey, Joe Gibbs Racing did sign Kyle Busch to drive the #18 next year...Thanks Joe.

Thanks to Joe Gross for his many years of service to our community paper, THE CAPITAL. Like with all columnists, you may not always agree, but Joe has become a name that all you say is Joe Gross and people know your talking about THE CAPITAL.

Thanks to Bill Wagner for his outstanding coverage of Navy. Bill turns out a lot of work about the Mids despite the fact he is also the Sailing reporter, and contributor to high school sports in THE CAPITAL as well.

Thanks to Joe Miller for being not only a great broadcast partner but a great friend and fellow graduate of Southern High.

Thanks to Scott Zolak and the rest of the CSTV crew for a great season of Navy Football coverage.

Thanks to Steve Hopp, Bill Lusby and the staff at WNAV for its continued support of Navy and local sports.

Thanks to my friends like Slim, Scott, Andrew, git-r-dun, Dan Duncan, CD Nutz and Too Shady, and The Announcer-Composer who still make working in the harness racing industry a lot of fun. Thanks to all the folks on Horseplop.com who make it entertaining as well. Can't go a day with out my Horseplop!!!!

Thanks to all the coaches at the youth and high school level who are dedicated to helping our youths have constructive things to do instead of hanging out on the streets, the malls etc......

And finally, If you can read this.....thank a teacher........

Happy Thanksgiving.....

Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Musings

The Redskins played the Cowboys a lot closer than I thought....question? Will Joe Gibbs try and throw that much next week against Tampa Bay?

I love watching early season basketball. What a huge win for Scott Drew and Baylor against Notre Dame. Cleaning up after the Dave Bliss mess hasnt been easy but that is a nice win as was Winthrop over Georgia Tech.

Tonight Maryland-UCLA......

I love womens hoops. But the same ole problem exists. Last night, #7 (Rutgers) played at #12 (George Washington) and won by 25!!!!!!!!! I know its early, but give me Tennessee and Maryland in the Womens final, even if Brenda Frese is out on Maternity leave.

Tip, plan the pregnancy for June like I did....No conflicts....:)