Sunday, October 14, 2007

What the hell is going on out here?

The late Vince Lombardi once said that and now its the best way to describe what is happening in college football.

Those of us who want the BCS to blow up got a HUGEEEEEEEEE step toward that today when top-ranked LSU and number two-ranked California lost. Thank you Kentucky and Oregon State.

Now Ohio State will assume the top spot. USF and BC in tow, my goodness.

How can you not love this season of college football. If we had a playoff at the end, 35 teams could lay claim!!!!

I stiil think the two best teams I've seen are Florida and LSU. Conference play means so much in this deal and both have lost critical games to teams in the league. The SEC is the best league top to bottom.

Just when it looked like the Big East was moving on up last year, it is quickly crashing down. The latest victim, the UC Bearcats.....Losers to Louisville, thank god for my man Kragthorpe....His team only gave up 24 today for one week he can breathe..........

What's a another defensive injury? Ketric Buffin is the latest to be downed by the injury bug for the Midshipmen. A broken arm will keep him out 4-6 weeks.

The nations most exciting team hosts Wake Forest this week in Annapolis in a game televised by CSTV Saturday at 1pm.

Hard to believe but its true....My wife is pregnant with #3.............yay!!!!!!!

NFL to u then


Navy86 said...

Alison was wondering if you were actually home enough for #3 to be possible - or is this another Bethlehem birth?

(seriously - congratulations!)

Mike said...

Congratulations, Pete!

Might I suggest Kaipo-Noa Hiwahiwa Akahi Medhurst?