Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Did anyone know the World Series was starting?

I guess Im rooting for Boston since Jason Veritek is my favorite baseball player. Do you know who Boston is playing? Colorado, Rocky Mountain High, ok, No John Denver, but they play spirited baseball. I think Boston got it's wake up call from Cleveland. Bo Sox in six.

The Mids take on Delaware this Saturday, 1pm on CSTV, and will be looking for it's fifth win of the season. Six wins gets Navy another trip to San Diego in December. Last week, Navy was its on worst enemy against Wake Forest, with three huge turnovers. Ill be at practice today to get a Kaipo report. Get ready for a steady diet of Omar Cuff. He's a great running back for the Hens.

Tell me you didnt have to talk some Maryland fans down off the ledge Saturday after the loss to UVA?

While I felt Maryland got hosed on the critical replay, and what was dumbfounding, was no one saw the real thing that happened on the replay. The UVA RB lost the ball before he ever got to the yard marker......Why have replay officials if they are not going to officiate?

It was a solid effort by the Terps, but UVA has better players, especially Chris Long, son of NFL HOF DL Howie Long. Terps are playing with subs on OL and Long ate them up at a critical time. Safety proved to be huge.

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