Wednesday, October 17, 2007


In the past two days I have had the chance to talk to some stellar student athletes.

Players and coaches for Navy and Wake Forest were a breath of fresh air, polite, well spoken, and obviusly well versed on the teams they were about to play.

Jim Grobe of Wake and Paul Johnson at Navy are a true credit to their profession. Neither will Bullsh** you. They tell you the truth. How many coaches will tell you they underestimated a team and how hard the would play? (Grobe on Army).

Johnson will flat out tell you when his team is not playing well.

The Wake and Navy players this week have been great examples of what we all wished student athletes would and could be. They are a credit to their families, coaches and schools.

I think this game is one of the most entertaining on the Saturday schedule. A shoot out again.....Hope your watching, CSTV 1pm......If you cant, Navyallaccess at 1pm....

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