Thursday, October 18, 2007

Navy Hoops picked seventh? No say some coaches

The Patriot League is full of some terrific student athletes and great basketball coaches. Today the mens coaches gathered at the ESPN Zone in Baltimore to discuss the upcoming season, one which is as wide-open as any season ever.

Holy Cross lost two great players in Torrey Thomas and Keith Simmons. Bucknell lost the big man Chris McNaughton, who actually played against Ralph Willard's Crusaders this summer in Europe and won by 31.

The coaches in this league are as good as any mid-major in the game. They are a great group to talk hoops with as well.

some of the comments offered:

Bucknell's Pat Flannery: " I just want to acknowledge the folks from Army and Navy and I appreciate what the stand for"

Holy Cross coach Ralph Willard "I knew we lost two key people in Thomas and Simmons and our trip to Europe showed us how much we lost their leadership as well"

Army coach Jim Crews "I can be having a really bad day and when these guys come in the gym, they can turn it around for me in a heartbeat with their work ethic and great attitude"

Navy Coach Bill Lange " I think we are having fun. We have great chemistry with this group and I hope that this can continue to build into something special as the season and games approach"

The preseason poll looks this way:

1. Holy Cross
2. Bucknell
3. Colgate
4. Lehigh
5. American
6. Army
7. Navy
8. Lafayette........

Kyle Roemer returns for Colgate and this could be the year for the Raiders if they stay healthy. I think Army and Navy can be better than 6 and 7...and will be....

Its wide open race......March cant get here fast enough.......

Tim Clifford was voted preseason POY........I'll go with Greg Sprink or Jerell Brown......

Both I think will have more chances to score and thus maybe have better numbers than Clifford.....

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Mike said...

Clifford is what Trey Stanton should have been.

As good as he is, though, you can't help but get the feeling that it isn't a vote for Clifford as much as it is a vote for Holy Cross. I sure hope that Veazey and Wilson are as good as people say they are, because it would make life so much easier for Greg Sprink.