Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wow, what a day.

In one of the longest days of my life, which started at 6am with community yard sale, and ended at near midnight at the Croft, all I can say is wow.

The performance and guts shown by Navy was tremendous. Ketric Buffin and Jarrod Bryant. Bobby Doyle andZerbin Singleton. Mr. Clutch, Joey Bullen, remember him? Air Force will never forget him.

Its 1:23 am and Im tired.....But what I saw from the kids on the blue jerseys today and their leaders who coach them was near miraculous. If you don't think Paul Johnson has a feel for whats happening in a football game, your blind. His decision and sense the Kaipo may have been spent and insertion of JB In the Navy O provided a spark the team needed at that time. That said...Kaipo looked Johnny U for the first eight passes.

More tomorrow......

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