Friday, September 21, 2007


One day away from College football action. I'll be in Annapolis with Scott Zolak calling the action of Navy and Duke on CSTV 1pm kickoff. Joe Miller joins me for the Navy Tailgate Show starting at 11am on 1430 WNAV-AM.

Paul Johnson made a cogent point this week when he talked about the fact that Navy is giving up much more yardage on the gound this year and that is as much a reason as to why they havent been able to get people off the field.

Duke threw the ball a lot last week, but expect Justin Boyle and friends to take a shot at things on the ground.

Navy is having no trouble moving on offense. The key this week may be finishing drives. Touchdowns, instead of field goals and it remains to be seen who will kick. We know Matt Harmon will kickoff but the placement game could be up in the air until kickoff.

The Redskins are cautiously flying high after a 2-0 start and face a wounded Giants team, 0-2, on Sunday at 4:15. Can Jason Fabini continue to play well at guard? Can the defense continue its solid play?

Eli Manning and company miss Tiki Barber more than any blue shirt will admit. The Giants lack on field leadership and Michael Strahan can't provide it since he's still counting up how much he will pay his ex-wife in alimony.

Ill be doing reports for NFL Network on Sirius, Fox Sports Radio and ESPN Radio this Sunday from the game for those with an affiliate in your area.

I stood waiting Southern to take last night's game seriously against winless Northeast. They waited too long and now Northeast is no longer winless.

Michael Tibbs was dynamite throwing and running for the Eagles in a 21-20 win in Harwood. The lacrosse player ran for 146 and threw for 107.....

Durelle Evans was solid for Southern in a losing cause, rushing for 138 yards in the second half.

Severna Park drilled Annapolis, 42-15. Wow. Who would have thunk it.....The Falcons had been offensivly inept until last night.

Mark it down , Maryland will win at Wake Forest tomorrow. The Demon Deacons are not making the same plays they did in close games last year. I think Maryland can run a little and the could be enough. Keon Lattimore is playing very well for Maryland. Jordan Steffey, please throw deep to Darrius Heyward-Bey...Just once......

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