Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Musings

On first and Goal to go at the one-yard line, I turned to my colleague George Wallace from WTOP Radio and said, "watch, they will screw this up", thats how predictable the Washington Redskins, my favorite team sine the womb have become. You knew something strange was going to happen. Justin Tuck, while laying on the ground, tripped up Ladell Betts to save the Giants 24-17 win yesterday.

In the press conference came the all to predicatble "we're in it all together line", meanwhile over in the Giants locker room it was mild jubilation, and yes the Giants knew the Redskins were running left. Tuck submarined two Skins, getting great leverage, and was two yards in the backfield at the time of the trip. Who said Notre Dame didnt have NFL caliber players?

Frustration abounds in the Nations Capital today, I guess more sprints for my basketball players tonight.......Just Joking...

The Mids were resilient Saturday in coming from behind against Duke. Jarrod Bryant is becoming one of the games best relief pitchers, I mean QB's, and the effort and non-quitting by the Mids when most teams would have quit, has to be praised.

Kaipo was solid in the air. Should Navy be able to get half of 217 in the air every week, man how great will that be?

This week its Air Force, with a new coach for the first time since I was in high school. What will Troy Calhoun have up his sleeve this week to try and re-claim the CIC from Navy which has been firmly bolted down in Annapolis for four years. Yes, Shawn Carney still plays for the Falcons. His name is sure to come up a lot this week and the physically-gifted singal caller for the Falcons tries to get his first win against Navy.

Will Navy's defense bet better? In the second half of the last two games, statiscally, Navy has been better after halftime and had a chance to beat Ball State. While you might expect a high scoring game, the rivalry seems destined for 24-21.

Writers in the ACC may want to bring Pepto as an offering to Ted Roof of Duke and Ralph Friedgen of Maryland. Can you lose in any more painful a way than these two teams did on Saturday?

Next up for Maryland? No not Florida Directional or Azusa Pacific, it's big, bad, fast, Ray Rice and Rutgers on the road. I know Ralph gets paid a lot, but man he may need a hug this week.

Looking ahead to Friday, Joe Miller and I have a good Anne Arundel County matchup as Old Mill heads to South River. The Hawks will be looking to recover from a stunning loss to Chesapeake last week, which could hurt come playoff time, especially when it come to playing home or away, losing eight points will hurt.The game will air on CN8 Saturday at 7pm....

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