Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday Musings

Navy Cornerback Darius Terry and Eric Kettani joined Adam Ballard, Shun White and Antron Harper at the top of the Navy Interview list today. What a breath of fresh air both guys were. Check it out at Navy All-Access on

Coaches were animated and pushing hard today at practice in preparation for the Mids encounter with Duke. Some words were spoken that couldn't be translated in the Football Coaches dictionary, but, would you expect anything less?

Navy fans have become spoiled to a certain extent, feeling the Mids can just roll out the Triple Option Tractor Trailer and run over and through people. Sometimes they can, but as Paul Johnson has said every week his entire career at Navy, the margain for the Mids is small and last week was proof.

The coaching staff has further simplified on defense. Good news, Irv Spencer practiced today and looked good. Paging Nate Frazier. Paging Nate Frazier. The big fella needs to come to play Saturday as coach Johnson stressed the need to stop the run and said one of the differences this year, is teams success running against the Mids where in the past Navy did a decent job against the run.

Trust me, practice intensity from the coaches is at a high level this week, the demand for effort is there, we'll see if the execution is as well.

I have to be careful here since I'm a Nascar fan. But lookout. Nascar fans on Mountain Dew? I'd rather see them with a Bud Light in their hands. Dale Earnhardt Jr., unveiled the new #88 AMPED up Dew Machine on Wednesday. We know Mountain Dew gets your body going fast, maybe they can put some in his gas tank..The only time Jr. has been in the winners circle lately was to congratulate Martin truex Jr. when he won. Apparently he heard Jr. over the loud speaker and reported to Victory Lane.

Randy Thomas had surgery on his torn Triceps muscle Wednesday. Out at least six......back just in time for Dallas? Good luck.

We will be in Harwood on Thursday night watching the Alma Mater, Southern at 2-0 takle on Northeast. Coach Russ Meyers team has two good wins coming in, over Largo and a shutout of Severna Park.

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Mike said...

I don't know about Victory Lane, but with Hendrick, Jr will at least get engines that don't blow up.

Not sure what "simplification" entails, but I hope it works!