Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Geez all this over a coach from NAVY!

Who would have ever thunk it. A coach from Navy is the hottest property being sought from Texas to Georgia to North Carolina, and oh yeah, they would like to keep him in Maryland.

Rumors are circulating by the minute. Coach Johnson has met with Ga. Tech, SMU, Duke wants him and boy could they use him.

Someone even posted of critical staff meeting on Thursday for the Navy coaches. Just thought I'd mention my SOOOOOuuuuuuuurrrrrceeeeeees tell me there is no meeting and all coaches are on the road. I know I have a tape to give one of them and he isnt there and wont be! If there were a meeting he would be!

I love the internet age. Its full of fun, freedom and false information.

Kudos to colleagues Dave Ausiello and Bill Wagner who have done a good job keeping up with this story. Just thought I would chime in after seeing some incredulous information being bandied about.

My ballot. No I dont have one but if I did...
1. Tim Tebow
2. Darrin McFadden
3. Chase Daniel

College Hoops
I was in heaven Sunday at the BB&T. 12 rows from the floor and watching three games. Some observations. Scheduled on the same day as a Redskins home game, I was upset about the crowd. Three decent games and I thought more folks should have been there.

George Mason is decent. Point guard play was there down fall on Sunday. Too many turnovers.

Greg Sprink of Navy is a more consistent outside threat than anyone on Marylands roster.

GW-See post about George Mason.

Rutgers women had a huge win on Tuesday, beating Maryland by eight. Id say they have recovered from the IMUS mess......

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Mike said...

I don't know if "consistent" is a word I'd use to describe Sprink's shooting this year.